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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 
California Lutheran University 

iKHiiiUM UMtvumv 

"'11 CI 

versity. Kexampje of that Lutheran tradition 


. includes community service and 
campus fellowship. With this veneration in 
mind, the sign of the fish is ttie Kairos' symbol 
for 1996-97. 

' . .a. '*• - ' 

Early Christians, who endured heavy persecu- 
tion because of their faith, recognized each 
other by this sign. A Christian who drew 
half a fish in the sand waited to see if the 
other person completed it. If the design was 
completed, they were then ablel to speak 
freely of their faith. 

Although the symbol is not used for that pur- 
pose today, it is important because it is still 
associated with Christianity. 

Kairos' theme this year is "Go out iato 
all the world" (Mark 16:15). Students are 
reminded to share their knowledge and expe- 
riences of Cal Lutheran with those tliey know 
and those whom they will meet. 

The journey began at CLU with many ex- 
periences which prepared students to 
serve others. Now, as they leave, mak- 
Jjig their way "into all the world," this grad- 
uating class has the rare opportunity to go forth 
anal||ke a difference... to draw the other half 
of the fish in the sand. 




Ann Marie Addicott 

Tenisha M. Aldridge 

Mary Beth Alessi 

Heatlier Embree and Matt Preston were 
crowned Homecoming King and Queen for 
1996. Festivities took place during halftime of 
the Lancers victory over Occidental. 

Rolf Alexander 
Bus. Administration 

Virginia Allegra 

Damian L. Alvarez 
Criminal Justice 

Shane Andersen 
Liberal Arts 

Emily Aurich 

Orlando F. Avila 
Marketing Comm. 

Alejandra Ayala 

Amy Babel 
Liberal Arts 


Annie Baumgartner Ingrid S. Becker 

Bus. Administration Bus. Administration 

Angela M. Berg 
Liberal Arts 

Lars Berg 
Bus. Administration 

Peter J. Berg 

Amy E. Beutiiel 
Liberal Arts 

Gregoria Blanco 
Criminal Justice 

Christina Boyle 

Karen Branson 

Kelly Briggs 
Liberal Arts 

Scott Browning 
Sports Medicine 

Xochiti Castillo 

Lisa E. Castro 

AnnM. Catalano 

Angela Catena 
Liberal Arts 




pr ^^B| 


Pamela Chaffee 
Liberal Arts 

Silvia Chavez 

Jason Chronister 

Taydn L. Clack 

Kim Correa 

ShadlynS. Cox 
Comm. Arts 

Megan Dainty 

Erode Davenger 
Political Science 

Michael W. Davis 

Gina Deliantetis 
Bus. Administration 

Heather Embree 

Corey Evans 

Denise L. Farwell 
Comm. Arts 

Michele Feigenbaum 
Bus. Management 

Erin M. Ferioli 

8 y KMROS 

Elizabeth Fitzgibbon 

Holly Forsell 
Marketing Comm. 

Kristina Fresquez 

Jessica Froniari 
Liberal Arts 

Jennifer Fuller 

Kris George 

Tomoko Gushima Ann Marie Addicott and B. Ja\- Ja\ei\\ardena p\ny cards while watching 
Psychology T.V. in thcMr hall. 


Alia Gustafson 
Comm. Arts 

Christy A. Gustafson Dianne Habring 

Sociology Bus. Administration 

Stephanie N. 



Belinda Hernandez 
Comm. Arts 

Corey Evans browses through the classified 
ads in search of a post-graduation job. 

Tim M. Johnson 

Jenny L. Jones 

Ryan T. Kaufman 
Political Science 

10 y Kairos 

Allison M. Kelly 
Liberal Arts 




Michele Levine 
Comm. Arts 

Liz Lindemann 
Comm. Arts 

Debra Lindstrom 

Jenifer Lister 

Evan C. Little 
Criminal Justice 

Peter Lutz 
Physical Education 

Francis M. Lynch 

Roman Martel 
Comm. Arts 

Regina Martinez 
Liberal Arts 

Christine Matkovich 

Mike McFarland 
Soc. Science 

Matt G. McGinnis 
Comm. Arts 

KcIK' Mitche 


Carla L. Moore 

Matt A. Mowry 
Soc. Science 

Chris Moya 

Norma Mnrillo 

Melissa Nelson 
Liberal Arts 

Deyanne M. Nesh 

Caree O'Neil 
Liberal Arts 

Dawnette A. Olroyd 

Anna Olson 
Comm. Arts 

Deonna Olson 
Physical Education 

Lonelle Olson 
Liberal Arts 

Kimiko Oribe 

Jennifer Otto 

Brian Padeltord 
Sports Medicine 

Karen Padelford 

}Z y KAIR09 

Arthur F. Press 
Bus. Administration 

Matt Preston 
Bus. Administration 

Julissa Ramirez 
Intnl. Bus. 

Anita Ricfiardson takes time for a last minute 
review as she prepares for final exams. 

Michele Reed 

Sara Richardson 
Liberal Arts 

Monica Rivera 

Erin M. Rivers 
Bus. Administration 

Claudia Rodriguez 


Amanda Savvchuk 
Liberal Arts 

Rebecca Sebastian 

Jessica Froman takes a break from her studies 
to play a few hands of Gin with her roommate 
in Potenburg. 

Mark Segedie 
Political Science 

Tamara M. Smith 
Liberal Arts 

Kristen M. Stangeland 

Heidi Stevens 

X!5> Kmros 

Scan Stinchfield 
Bus. Administration 

Erica E. Strauss 
Bus Administration 

Weston L. Sutherland Jessica E. Sutphen 
Biology Liberal Arts 

Karilyn Switzer 

Brendai Taylor 
Liberal Arts 

Julia Thorns 
Bus. Administration 

Sandra Torres 

Kristen Tovvnsend 
Intnl. Bus. 

Seth A. Townsend 

Michael L. Treiberg 
Political Science 

Keiichi Uesugi 
Physical Education 

James A. Van Dervalk 
Bus. Administration 

Jeff Van Fleet 

Dominick Villani 

Kevin B. Wade 
Comm. Arts 

Aaren D. Walles 
Liberal Arts 

Andrew Withers 
Liberal Arts 

Amanda Woods 
Liberal Arts 

Each year CLU celebrates the Christian lega- 
cy of Santa Lucia. Tliis commemorates the 
faith and martyrdom of a young Sicilian noble 
woman of the fourth century. Persecuted for 
her Christian beliefs, she was blinded. Mirac- 
ulously, her eyesight was restored, but she 
died at the stake on December 13, 304 A.D. 

She is remembered as the patron saint of 
afflicted eyes, and her life is celebrated in a 
festival of lights symbolizing the faith, hope, 
and compassion that she exemplified. 

The ceremony included the telling of San- 
ta Lucia's story to the Santa Lucia Court and 
the Santa Lucia message that wasgiven by the 
Lucia bride. 

CLU students nominate one woman and 
one man from each class on the evicience of 
these qualities in their lives. Senior Heather 
Embree was elected as Santa Lucia. Her 
escort was Matt Preston. 

The women nominated as Santa Lucia's at- 
tendants were Senior Heidi Person, Junior 

Kim Roden, Sophomore Christine Lintvedt, 
and Freshman Sara Larcome. They wore 
white robes and held candles tied with red. 

Heather, representing Lucia, was dressed 
in a a white robe trimmed with a red slash 
and wore a crown with lit candles. The male 
escorts were Senior Tim Johnson, Junior Brad 
Bjelke, Junior Lawrence Rodriguez, and 
Freshman Dan Roschke. 

The annual ceremony reminds students to 
lead a virtuous life. 

Peter Berg and Kim Roden light the 
cro>vn of Heather Embree, Santa Lucia, 
at the ceremony just before Christmas. 

Just after the ceremony Heather Embree, Heidi Person, Kim 
Roden, and Sara Larcome take a picture. The escorts were Tim 
Johnson, Brad Bjelke, Dan Roschke, and Matt Preston. 



Tim Johnson and Heather 
Embree listen closely to the 
story of the donation of the 
crov/n to CLU. 




^^^ ' '^^^^^K -- 




Heather Embree, Santo Lucia, and her 
escort Matt Preston pose for a picture. 

Just after the ceremony. Sophomore Escort 
Lawrence Rodriguez helps Heather Embree with 
her crown. 



Top: Jill Embree and i 
Elsemore enjoy their sec- 
ond Homecoming at CLI 

Middle: Ryan Babe 

and Eric Handlce enj 

the Homecoming victo 

with Rachel Ronning oi 

Christine Lintve< 

Bottom: Rachael Oliverd 
Larsen and her date take 
a moment from dancii 
to enjoy a drin 

ao , kjvirc" 


It was a week of fun and excitement for Cal 
J Lutheran students, alumni, faculty, administra- 
tion and community who celebrated the 32nd 
Homecoming Week. During the week of October 
13-19, CLU carried out this year's theme "Mardi 
Gras" with special flair of New Orleans. 

The week began with the hall decorating con- 
test where student residents from each hall deco- 
rated the hall into a Mardi Gras palace. First place 
winner was Pederson Hall, second place was 
New West, and third place was Old West. 

Following the hall decorating event came 
mask decorating. Students were able to design 
masks to wear to the Homecoming Dance or just 
aroimd campus. Later that week a few students 
participated in a dating game that took place in 
the cafeteria during a special cajun dinner. 
Students participating were able to choose their 
dates for the Homecoming Dance. Eric Handke 
was lucky enough to match up with Christine 
Lintv'edt during the game. Other participants 
included. Amy Waters, Jason Chronister, Julie 
Harris and Danielle Gumi. 

As the week of fun unwound, the annual 
Coronation ceremony for the crowning of the 
1996 Homecoming King and Queen were 
announced and crowned. The King was Senior 
Matt Preston and the Queen was Senior Heather 

A carnival then followed on Memorial 
Parkway where the street was transformed into 
an attraction park that included a ferris wheel, a 
big air slide, obstacle course, club game booths, a 
gyroscope and the band Naked Jumpies. 

Saturday morning was host to the annual 


Mario Guerrero pulls Fredrick Nonhed into the 
endzone for a fourth quarter touchdo>vn. 

Top: The Kingsmen Quartet members. 
Drew MaxvN^eir, Chris Wade, Kevin Wade 
and Peter Berg sing the National Anthem 
at the pre-game show. 

Middle: Many friends enjoying 
evening at the dance. 

Bottom: Heather Embree just after being 
named as the Homecoming Queen. 


Homecoming Parade. Floats filled Memorial 
Parkway as participants threw candy to the crowd 
while others waved. The best float was chosen by 
six judges who voted New West's float as the first 
place winner, the Senior Pride Committee's float 
came in as second place and Old West's float came 
in as third. 

The night ended with the dance that was held in 
the Pavilion. Students enjoyed the music while 
dancing the night away. □ 

Kingsman Mark Williams pulls an Oxidental receiver to the ground. 


Top: Angel Meleandez and Edson 
;.Varas doing the Macoreno. 

Middle: Col Lu's defense holds 
Oxidental on the way to a 19-18 
victory in the game. 

Bottom: Rotoract provides enter- 
tainment for all ages at the 
Homecoming Carnival on Friday 

Above: A clov/n at the Homecoming 
picnic paints children's faces and 
knees ^hile parents look on. 

Left: Many enjoy the festive Congo 
Line around the Pavilion during the 

HoHECONimQ \^5^ 

&hi. ui $mim'- 






C"LU" Down, held on October 4, 1996 was sponsored 
by Inter-Club Council and the Educational Program- 
ming Office. The night began at 8 pm with 
line dancing lessons. The Tush Push, Carribean Cowboy, 
and a simple Two Step were some of the dances taught. 
Country Events' disk jockey, Ed, continued 
the evening with the Macarena; not a traditional 
country dance but fun for all. Later that evening they had 
a contest while doing the Two Step to see who was 
the best. 

There were many other activities besides dancing, 
such as the jail, different tables and waiting for the cow 
to "plop". 

The only thing the calf plopped in the "Cow 
Plop." contest was his little body when he laid down 
to go to sleep. Julie Baumgartener, coordinator of the 
event, decided Orlando Avila and Erin Baumgartener 
would split the prize money of $50, since the calf 
took his nap Ln their boxes. 

The "Sheriff Association" of Old West RHA had fun 
arresting people throughout the night. Amy Waters (Old 

West President), Amanda Damien (Old West Treasurer), 
and Amanda's brother Greg Damien were the law en- 
forcement for the evening. All of the inmates decided to 
serve their five minute sentence rather than pay 50 cents 
for bail. 

The Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O.) 
sold drinks and nachos to the hungry cowboys & cow- 
girls. In addition, other clubs participated including: 
Rowing, which sold key chains; the senior Class, who 
sold drinks; and Rotaract Club. 

"Larkspur" also provided entertainment throughout 
the evening between sessions with the disc jockey. A rep- 
resentafive from Borderline country bar gave out CD's, 
Borderline passes and T-shirts to people who answered 
coimtry music trivia quesfions, CLU trivia questions, or 
showed off something unusual or uncommon. Michele 
MoUer was the first girl to show her tattoo. Matt Wiemero 
was the first guy to show lipstick on his Ups and Paul- 
Andre White named the year CLU was founded. 

Overall, the 3rd annual Lu Down was a hit again, 
thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. 

The infamous cov\^ 
that never did plop. 


Left: Dan King and Katherine Noller 
two-step the night away. 

Below: Omar Perez left jail a hardened 
criminal after his friends in LASO put 
out a warrant for his arrest. 



Above: Line dancers learned the Carribean Co>vboy. Now what -were 
cowboys doing in the Carribean anyway? 

Left: The first step is the Two Step, then you get to complicated things 
like sitting on your partner's lap. 

Regents Choir 




The all-women's choir of CLU is Regents Choir. The Regents 
have opportunities to perform at chapel services as well as 
the Annvial Fall Convocation Service, Fall Concert, Christmas 
Concert, and the Spring Concert. 

At the Fall Concert they sang Tico Motels which included 
"Veni Domine" and "Laudate pueri." For the Christmas 
Concert they sang a French carol, "Turo-Louro-Louro" and a 
Spanish lullaby, "A La Rorro Nino.' In addition, they have also 
had the opportunity to sing in Norwegian. Regents also sang 
"Long Long Ago" and other traditional carols at the Christmas 

Rachel Oliveros-Larsen, a Sophomore member of both CLU 
and Regents, said, "I think that Regents is alot of fi.m. We have 
many talented women, and I am proud to be part of it." 

Amanda Young, Freshman, says, "It (Regents) is a great 
group. Dr. Morton is a great director and I really enjoy it. It is 
definitely worth the time and effort." 

The Regents look forward to many great years of singing so 
many different varities of songs. 

Top: Regents rehearse in the chapel for the Fall Concert. 

Above: Dr. Morton and Regents Choir acknowledge the 
audiencesapplause after the Fall Concert performance. 

Right: Precious Moyo, Anna Lorsen and Laura Shigemitsu 
patiently Wfoit in the sun for rehearsal to start. 



CLU Choir 


The CLU choir is a mixture of all types of talent. Each 
person has to try out to make the choir with priority to 
Music majors and minors. 

Each year the choir participates in many events 
These concerts, which are sometimes performed with the 
orchestra, include the Fall Founders Day Convocation 
Service, Fall Concert, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert 
and their annual trip. Each year new selections of music are 
chose and the Spring Break tour is at a different location. 
Choir trips have ranged from places such as Northern 
California to Hawaii. 

In addition to the annual concerts and Spring Break trip 
they also go to other places to perform. This year they went 
to the Ronald Regan Library. Dr Morton, the director of the 
CLU Choir, was very happy about the concert that was 
held at the Regan Library. Kari Gravrock, class of '98, joined 
the CLU choir for the first time this year and says, "I'm hav- 
ing a really great time and everyone always encourages 
each other." 

Unlike the Regents choir, the CLU choir showcases the 
talent of both male and female vocalists. 

Top: Corey Evans and Peter Ber g take a moment for a picture after 
the fall concert. 

Above: The CLU choir performing at one of the many concerts of the 

Left: Sara Richardson, Ann Catalano, Corey Evans, Megan Carnes, 
Kaylee Bostwick, Rachel Oliveros-Larsen, Michelle Levine, Kevin 
Wade and Jason Goldsmith v^ait anxiously to perform. 

Student Life ^a7 

The CLU Drama Department presented 
the award-winning play "Marvin's 
Room" as a Fall Semester production. When 
asked why Director Ken Gardenr chose to pre- 
sent this moving account of how a life can be 
altered as a result of a diagnosis of Leukemia, 
he responded: "I went to school with the man 
who wrote it, Scott McPherson. 1 loved it and 
had been wanting to do it for several years 
now. This was the last play McPherson wrote 
before his death at 32 from AIDS:" 

Kristina Fresqueze, senior, portrays Bessie 
who has been told that she has leukemia. 
Faced with this devastating diagnoses, she 
must now decide upon the care of her invalid 
father and aunt. Her hope of a cure for 
Leukemia is dependent upon bone marrow 
donated by her estranged sister Lee and Lee's 

two sons. Hank and Charlie. 

Kristina Fresquez summed up her feelings 
regarding her character Bessie by saying: 
"One of the defining characteristics of Bessie 
is her self-giving attitude. She is the kind of 
person who will take care of others before 

The rest of the talented cast included 

Christa Knudson 

ponders her 

relationship with 

her sons Hank 

and Charlie. 

Natan Black, freshman as Hank; Krista 
Knudson, freshman, as Lee; Jennifer Taylor, a 
freshman, as Aunt Ruth; Ryan Gildersleeve, 
freshman, as Dr. Wally; Holly Forrsell, senior, 
as the mental ward receptionist; Cyndi 
Schmidt, junior, as the receptionist; Jess 
Osier, freshman as Bob and Marvin; and Tom 
Phillipson as Charlie. 

Aunt Ruth tries to help Bessie as she 
realizes the full impact of her diagnosis. 

X!§5^ Kairos 

/A nother production put on by 
LTUCLU's drama department was 
"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown." 
This was play based on the "Peanuts" 
comic strip by Charles M. Schultz. 

You're a Good Man Charlie 
Brown" was about Charlie Brown 
getting a little help from his friends. 
Like always Charlie Brown was 
down on his luck and couldn't seem 
to do anything right. 

Danielle Gunn said that "It was a 
lot of fun working with Barbara and 
tap dancing. It was a good experience 
because I had never done Children's 

Some of the funniest parts of the 
play was when Lucy took a survey 
about her crabbiness. Another scene 
was when Snoopy was flying on the 
top of his dog house and was trying 
to shoot down the Red Barron. 

"Your a Good Man Charlie 
Brown" was brought to life by Kim 
Roden as Patty; Tony Gardner as 
Charlie Brown; Rachel Oliveros- 
Larsen as Lucy; Matt Powell as 
Snoopy; Harry Garland as Linus; 
Christopher Marm as Schroeder, 
Michelle Levine as Linus' Blanket; 
and Danielle Gunn and Dawn 
Williams as the Suppertime Dancers. 

Above: Lucy tries to talk Schroeder 
into marrying her, but he is only 
concerned with his piano playing. 



Top: Carolyn and her newr found friends 
check into Mt. Clef on their first day. 

Middle: Peer advisors and ne>v 

students >vork on an ice-breaker of 

trying to untangle themselves. 

Bottom: The everlasting tie saga looms over 
two unsuspecting incoming freshmen. 

Frosh Orientation 
1996 was called 
Fresh Start. Past all of 
the necessities of 
being a college fresh- 
man, the class of 2000 
haci other things to do 
that were just as 
important. They had 
many questions. How 
does voicemail work? 
Where is Taco Bell? 
Peer Advisors, Faculty 
Mentors and Student 
Life Mentors were all 
ready to help. 

At Playfair Peer 
Advisors and frosh 
alike let loose to have 
a total blast. There was 
back-to-back dancing, 
live sculptures, and a time for 
everyone to strut their stuff 
while the group chanted their 
name. The point was for 
everyone to have fun and 
remember that even in col- 
lege everyone needs to take 
time to play. 

For the second year in a 
row the freshman class has 

participated in the annual 
painting of the white 
CLU rocks on Mt. Clef 
Ridge. Freshman Sommer 
Embree recalls, "I met Sara 
'Beracuda Moonbeam' 

Carlson while painting the 
rocks and now we're rock 
painting buddies!" 

During Froshfest each 

peer group was coupled 
with another to create a skit 
to be performed in front of 
the freshmen and transfers. 
Michael Feller said, "I 
mauled Trinity Mueller in 
our skit and her boyfriend 
was sitting in the front row." 
Freshmen learn quickly that 
CLU is a small world. □ 


Hi ^ff« ' 




■■li 111 ^111: .1^ i^:t 

"■'. nil!,. 1,11 ,. . . M ik'"* 

'■ 1 

?*?=S:^ ^ ' "j : : tM0!%^ fi; .1 


or most students, Christmas Break 
was a time for relaxation, family, and 
friends. But for twenty nine students, the 
learning continued for three more weeks 
after fall semester's end. Students from a 
variety of majors toured Italy with 
Jerry Slattum, art professor. This trip 
introduced students to great art, awe-in- 
spiring architecture, and beautiful food 
throughout Italy, during one of the cold- 
est European winters in recent history. 

The tour started in Rome with visits to 
the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain. The 

Spanish Steps and the Piazza Paplo were 
popular on New Year's Eve. Other sites 
seen in Rome included the Sistine Chapel 
and Vatican City. 

Many other cities enjoyed were 
Venice, Sienna, and Verona. Everyone's 
favorite city was Venice. Mike Treiberg 
loved the trip because of Venice's charm 
and the "great food, great group and 
beautiful country." 

The trip was also unforgettable 
because of the architecture and the enter- 
tainment provided by Jerry. 

The Piazza del Campo is 

the focal point of the city 

because every July and 

August the Polio, a 

medieval horserace, 

draws thousands 

to the city. 


m -*^i 




R\ Icohol Awareness Week which ran 
Ln30ctober 6-10, 1996, was full of fun 
and education. The Executive Board of 
R.H.A. showed Leaving Las Vegas on 
Sunday evening in the Forum to show 
the consequences of the alcoholic 

Monday's lesson was given by the 
C.A.R.E. committee. In support of non- 
violent relationships they handed out 
purple ribbons for students and faculty 
to wear throughout the week. Velvet 
Terry, Michelle Levine and Rob Hill per- 
formed a skit and discussion was facili- 
tated by Erin Rivers, C.A.R.E. President. 
On Tuesday the hall councils of Old 
West and Pederson Halls presented 

"How to Party" in the SUB. Old West 
gave tips on having a safe party and 
Pederson provided Mocktails. Everyone 
had fun dancing to the music, drinking 
mocktails and hanging out with friends. 
Amy Waters, President of the Old West 
hall council said, "I hope we opened 
people's eyes but I doubt we changed 
their minds." Wednesday was "The Real 
Game of Life." 

Thursday New West and Thompson 
Halls threw a 70's party at the Need to 
give an option for a sober evening. They 
held a costume contest and a dance 
contest. Many people felt that this was 
the most successful Alcohol Awareness 
Week in years. □ 

Stephen Seper and Lori 
Chronister strut their 70's 
attire at the Disco Inferno. 

Above: Heather Hunter, 

Kristin Osborne, Dianna Miller, 

Marianne La>vson, John Vaux and 

Rachel Ronning gather around the 

Mocktails bouncer, Ryan McCann. 

Above Right: Matt Preston, 

BJ Kreiensieck, Brian McCoy, 

Mark Bash and Corey Evans 

showing too much chest hair. 

Right: Christine Lindvedt, Amy 

Van Atta, Julie Baumgartner, Kathy 

Proffitt, Lori Chronister and Trinity 

Mueller dress in their 70's garb 

for a girls night out at the 


Larkspur provided entertainment 
and energy for the life of the party 
at CLU's annual Lu Down. 


/^ al Luis is known by many for it's 
c: various student activities. In fact, it 
is ranked as having the number one 
student activities program in the west 
coast colleges. The various activities 
include. The Need, Lu Down, Home- 
coming, The Dating Game, guest 
speakers, and socials. One thing that 
always adds excitement to student life 
is the different bands. 

One opportunity for bands was at 
the Reggae Fest where World Tribe 
performed. They also played later that 
night at The Need. In addition to World 
Tribe, The Need also has other bands 
throughout the year. Some of these 
bands include Blimp and Your Moose 
(which was formerly known as Timber). 

Above: The Need was filled v^ith tunes as Blimp kept 
the crowd out late on Thursday night. 

Middle Left: The Reggae Fest proved to be a huge hit 
when World Tribe began their performance. 

Student Life #i3. 

Members of the Student Senate on any college campus are faced with many daunting decisions which must be 
made. The Senate at Cal Lutheran is no exception. These students put the well-being of the uni- 
versity — and the wishes of their peers — as their priorities in running the 


Advisor: Bill Stott 

At-Large Senator: Tom Lunde 

Senate Recorder: Robin Pry 

Senior Senators: Amy Beuthel, Rebecca Sebastian, and 

Mark Segedie 

Junior Senators: Mike Foster, Jeremy Hofer, and Kim Wee 

Sophomore Senators: Jeanni Miller, Brian Schneider, and 

Andrew Taube 

Freshman Senators: Sara Carlson, Kyle Cookmeyer, and 

Jon Ferguson 


RHA is made up of representatives from each hall. It is RHA which brings some 
of the many programs to CLU. For example, they 
are in charge of the hall caroling con 
test, the CARE packages at the 
beginning of the year, Alco- 
hol Awareness Week, and 
Sexual Awareness Week. RHA 
is headed by Michele Moller. 


Amy Van Atta 
Stephanie Sims 
Michele Moller 
Elizabeth Amrhein 
Kelly Broderson 
Maegen McConnell 
John Meadows 
Marianne Lawson 
Amy Waters 
Jenatte Wools 
Rebecca Busby 
Sara Gravrock 
Janna Kautz 





The purpose of the dance club, Dance Obsession, is to promote dance on campus. Dance Obsession 
vides opportunities for students to teach each other the form of dance they know best. These 
forms of dance include ballet, tap, jazz, modern and ethnic styles, 
cally anything that gets your feet moving! Dancers also have the 
chance to demonstrate their dances through several perfor- 
mances throughout the year. This year they will participate in 
the Christmas Choir, Encuentras, and the Festival of Women 
in the Arts. In the future, expect to see additional appear- 
ances at the Homecoming Parade and Mosaic Festival. 

Advisor: Barbara Wegher-Thompson 
President: Candace Drom 
Vice-President: Vanessa Calderon 


Amy Stofferahn 

Jovanna Gonsalves 

Bethany Deboer 

Ylva Ekstrand 

Hedi Kneff 

Amy Berkmire 

Kaylee Bostwick 

Chantal Freke 

Robin O'Connell 
Danielle Gunn 
Dawn Williams 
Heather Embree 
Bret-Jordan Kreiensieck 
Laura Shigemitsu 
Margaret Robinson 

The 1996-1997 Crew Club has been more successful 
than in previous years. The team traveled to the UCLA Marine 
Aquatic Center in Marina Del Rey to practice on the water. 

Trinity Mueller, President said, "It was really 
great when it looked like we were going 
to have a full team." The club 
also does fun, team-building 
activities such as ice skating 
and trick-or-treating. 


Jennifer Bellini 

Erin Fuller 

Charles Okonski 

Trinity Mueller 

Joey Matoush 

Margaret Robinson 
Erin Bates 
Miguel Cabrera 
Amanda Young 



The purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to allow CLU undergraduate students to explore the 
field of education prior to graduation. We are excited to sell our T-shirts which pro- 
education and are in the process of establishing a 
teacher/menton program with CLU alumni who 
are currently in the field of education. We 
are also planning to host guest speakers who 
will speak on topics such as first year teach- 
ing, CLU's credential program and educational 
values in other countries. 


President: Amy Beuthel 
Vice-President: Brenda Taylor 
Secretary: Shane Andersen 
Treasurer: Sandra Garcia 
ICC Rep: Jaimie Young 
Publicity Coordinator: Diane Scroffano 

The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to present to athletes, coaches, and all 
whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving 
Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their 
relationships and in the fellowships of the Church. 
Some of their activities include Bible studies, 
Christmas caroling, and attending retreats. 


Amy Walz 
Trinity Mueller 
Lisa Cherbone 
Korey Finstad 
Becky Busby 
Michele Bennett 
Monika Nagy 
Annie Baumgartner 
Tim Johnson 
Javier Avila 

36 y Rairos 


The French Club is made up of a group of students interested in discovering 
the culture of France and French-speaking countries. This years activities 
include building a homecoming float, attending a Xii£:*'' '^' 

Cirque du Soleil performance, watching foreign 
and domestic films such as French Kiss and 
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. They also went 
to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and 
ate at the french restaurant, Cafe Provencal. 


President: Renee Foote 
Vice President: Heidi Johnson 
Secretary: Amy Birkmire 
Treasurer: Karin Hinderer 


^ -. 

Amy Birkmire 

A.J. Margolis 

Karin Hinderer 

Heidi Johnson 

Renee Foote 

Paula Avery 

Lisa Loberg 
Susanne Kelley 
Alexis Rhodes 
Emily Johnson 
Theodora Davift-Cornyn 
Helen Daniels 
Doug Characky 


Rotoract is a community service oriented club derived from the roaries across America. 

The members participate in events such as the non-profit organization run, Conejo 
Valley Days travel regularly to the local Cerebral Palsy home to 
do Valentines, Halloween and Christmas crafts. This 
/ear, they were active participants in the Lu Spare 
Change drive. A Santa Ciaus visit to Ventura County 
Medical hospital was an "uplifting" event for them. 
Rotaract also has a trip planned to Mexico where they 
will donate their time to orphanages. 


President: Diana Miller 

Vice President: Suzanne Kelley 

Secretary: Shane Anderson 

Treasurer: Emily Aurich 

Public Relations: Trinity Mueller 

Mexico Rep: Angel Malendez 



The CLU Student Alumni Association Is a student-run organization formed to promote student alumni Interaction 
and to ensure that there will always be a bridge between CLU students of the past and 
present. SAA membership develops motivated and Involved student 
leaders who become active members of the university both as 
students and as alumni. Some Student Alumni Association 
activities Include: Alumni Mentor program that pairs students 
with alumni with similar career interest, an annual Elvis 
concert, meeting with alumni at their home, food for Manna 
Christmas Caroling, district and national SAA conventions and 
fundraising for SAA scholarships. SAA offers its members the 
opportunity to serve CLU and the community, make new 
friends, improve leadership skills, network with alumni and 
Improve their resume. They also attend conventions at UCLA, 
BYU, and Notre Dame! 


President: Patti Eyier 
Vice President: Kyle Thompson 
Secretary: Diane Scrofano 
Treasurer: Brad Bjeike 



Common Ground Is a weekly gathering of students of all faiths. They sing songs, fast and slow, 
have a short devotion, take communion, and have group prayers. Because 
of students' schedules, some weeks there Is 
a small group while other weeks there are 
many students. Many students see this as 
a time to relax, de-stress from the week, 
and to focus on God. 


Margaret Robinson 
Korey Flenstad 
Liz Amhrlne 
Christine Lintbedt 
Pastor Mark 
Kelly Broderson 
Sarah Lavik 
Candace Drom 
Shane Anderson 
Heather Embree 
P.A. White 
Veronica Garcia 

T^Sy Rairos 



The Latin American Student Organization provides students with the opportunity to learn more about their 
cultural backgrounds and enrich their lives while doing so. The group works to be supportive of each 
other. LASO sponsors many activities which include guest speakers, information 
on scholarships, participation in El Dia de Los Muertos, and 
Encuentros. LASO is a place for students to feel more 
at home. 


Ramon Orozco 

David Resales 

Omar Perez 

Eric Barragan 

Rick Lopez 

Scott Browning 

Jesse Rodriguez 

Lissa Ramirez 

Norman Murrillo 
Sandra Torres 
Gloria Chavez 
Lucia Haro 
Esperanza Serrato 
Veronica Munoz 
Berenis Magana 
Irene Torres 


The Physics Club is a group of students with an interest in Science. 
Members have an opportunity to also be members of the 
Society of Physics Students, a national organization 
sponsored by the American Institute of Physicists. 
Activities include sailing with the Math Club, 
social gatherings, guest speakers and opportunities 
to present undergraduate papers through SPS. 


Paul Stanley 

Robert Berwick 

Amal Ikhlassi 

Heather Robers 

Rick Ruiz 

Bob Abel 

Cindy Wyels 

Josh McGee 
Christina Berg 
John Savko 
Anne Savko 



The mission of Habitat for Humanity is to provide a decent place to live for all people. The CLU 

chapter works with the Ventura Chapter of Habitat International. The group 
takes one day of each month as a work day. In a larger sense, they 
are part of Vision Habitat. Each year they also plan a trip to 
Mexico during the Spring Break. Overall, the CLU chapter is very 
active and all the members enjoy participating in such a worth- 
while donation of their time and energy. 


Susanne Kelley 
Korey Finstad 
Denise Ricks 
Kelly Swanson 
Diane Royer 
Robin Pry 
Kaylee Bostwick 


The Accounting Association is an organization based in the School of Business 

to help acquaint students of the university with the accounting 

profession. Activities include hearing the foremost 

speakers from the industry, a voluntary income tax 

preparation program, and recruitment seminars. These 

career days prepare the student for the challenges that 

await as they get ready to enter the work force. 


Peter Berg: President 
Tim Johnson 
Carrie Yagi: Treasurer 
Diane Royer: Publicity Chair 
Ann Kato: Vice-President 
Rebecca Sebastian: ICC Rep 
Monica Land: Secretary 

40 y KAIR05 


The purpose of the Math Club is to bring together students and faculty who enjoy mathe 
matics. Club activities include annual trips to the IMAX theater and Museum 
of Science and Industry, sailing out of Marina Del Rey 
camping retreats, and guest speakers. The club 
offers the opportunity to see math in action 
and make lasting friendships. 


Penny Cefola Chris Moya 

Cindy Wyels 
Heather Rogers 
Robert Berwick 

Amal Ikhlas 

Paul Stanley 
Kevin Wade 
Rick Ruiz 


John Savko 

Anne Savko 

Jennifer Waer 

Raul Rios Jr. 

Sandy Lofstock 

Julie Crossman 

Rob Silverstein 

Josn McGee 

Jason Goldsmith 
Jason Wilson 
Rebecca Bushy 
Amanda Daily 
Victoria Galloway 
Shawn Dennis 
Amy Craig 
Monica Luna 

The Drama Club offers opportunities for theater-related trips and social activities for both drama and 
non-drama majors. These include annual trips to the American Theatre College 
Festival (ACTF) to audition or just to participate in different 
workshops. Some of the social activities include slumber parties 
and TV tapings. 


Bruce Bui 

Lisa Castro-Conde 

Corey Evans: President 

Holly Forsell: Vice-president 

Tony Gardner 

Harry Garland 

Sara Gravrock 

Roberta Mills 

Rachel Larsen-Oliveros 

Margaret Robinson 

Kim Roden: Secretary 

Lawrence Rodriguez 

Cyndi Schmidt 

Laura Shigemitsu 

Jennifer Taylor 

Edgar Aguirre 
Liz Amrhein 
David Bayles 
Nathan Black 
Miguel Cabrera 
Ann Cantalano 
Andrew Davis 
Beth DeBoer: Treasurer 
Michelle Elbert 

ORCa/Vt^lZATiON5 ^^41^^ 

Members of the Associated Students of California Lutheran University serve 
as the Executive Cabinet of CLU's government. They 
„; make up the governmg body for all other bodies such 
as Programs Board, RHA, and Senate. The work 
performed by these dedicated students is 
paramount in the everyday running of CLU. 


ASCLU President: Annie Baumgartner 
ASCLU Vice President: Kris George 
Programs Board Director: Jason Chronister 
ASCLU Controller: Peter Berg 
Advisor: Mike Fuller 


Programs Board is responsible for coordinating the different programs on campus. Some of these in- 
clude the Class and Commuters Socials, Homecoming, Parents Weekend, 
Springfest, and the annual Super Bowl party. Coordinating 
these events is no easy task. 


Advisor: Bill Stott 
At-Large Rep: Daniel Lansford 
Recorder: Amy Owens 
Artist/Lecture Rep: Lissa Ramirez 
Commuter Rep: Jennifer Ganssle 
Social Activities Rep: Ingrid Becker 
ICC Rep: Erin Rivers 
Pep Athletic Rep: Dianne Habring 
Religious Rep: Christine Lintvedt 
Residence Hall Rep: Michelle Moller 
Special Events Rep: Julie Baumgartner 
Senior Reps: Shane Andersen and Emily Aurich 
Junior Reps: Kari Gravrock and Stephen Seper 
Sophomore Reps: Lawrence Rodriguez & Rachel Penning 
Freshman Reps: Sommer Embree and Stephanie Howe 

X^^ RAIR05 


"The yearbook staff is made up of a highly motivated and gifted team of dedicated journalists 
The staff achieved undreamed of heights in layout and pictures. The improved quality and 
design of this yearbook is testimony to their commitment. Major changes 
this year includes a new advisor and few pages with which to ^fll 

work. The goal of every yearbook is to keep a permanent record ^^ 

of the college years that will last a lifetime to serve as a 
myriad of memories. The staff hopes that this book will allow 
each student to remember their experiences from Cal Lu." 


Editor In Chief: Margaret Robinson 
Faculty Advisor: John Reed 
Assistant Editor: Melissa Stevenson 
Layout Editor: Trinity Mueller 
Photography/Clubs Editor: Melissa Stevenson 
Sports: Amanda Damien and Amy Waters 
Student Life/Academics Editor: David Nogueira 

Additional Staff: 

Erin Bates Amy Birkmire 

Jenn Bellini Bryan Kays 

Milika Shivers 

students gather in the chapel lounge to enjoy songs and de- 
votions. Different students volunteer to do devotion 
which can last from five to fifteen minutes. Each 
devotion is different, either being just reading a 
poem, or sharing something good about the week. 
It is an upbeat time to see friends, relax, and wor- 
ship God. 


Carolyn Becker 
Margaret Robinson 
Korey Finstad 
Scott Browning 


Kimberly Attinello 
Kristen Engstrom 
Kelly Hughes 
Rhiannon Nilson 

Richard Bell 
Daniel King 
Aaron Nance 
John Vaux 

Renee Foote 
Anna Larsen 
Desiree Notyce 
Carolyn Ono 

Jae Choi 
Jong-Yup Kim 
Francis Lynch 
Brian Powell 

Mark Bash 
Kyle Donovan 
Andrew Taube 
Andrew Taube 

Gregory Anderson 
Jesse Caballero 
Edson Vargas 

Barrett Luke 
James Stafford 

Keith Parris 


Laura Corsi 
Kimberly Holeman 
Emily Kanney 
Jill Simmer 

Lisa Cherbone 
Amanda Damien 
Amy Waters 

Justin Compton 
Tim Cronk 
Daniel Reidt 
Michael Schuyler 

Eric Buben 
Jeremy Creed 
Matthew Dacko 
Erik Kiszczak 

Kari Gravrock 
Danielle Gunn 
Cristina Mata 
Laura Vallejos 

Jason Chronister 
Kristopher George 

Anja Aulenbacher 
Gemma Golden 
Anamaria Hauptfeld 
Patricia McCleary 

Delly Broderson 
Ashlea Magdaleno 
Kamille Osborn 
Jennifer Paulsen 

Traci Franks 
Sarah Lavik 
Holly Roepke 
Kristin Taylor 

Ted Aguirre 
Orlando Avila 
Manuel Cantero 
Omar Perez 

Alison Adams 
Jaimie Hoffman 
Kristin Osborne 
Theresa Richards 

Mark Segedie 
Sean Stinchfield 

>v,.,,44^ Kairos 



Korey Finstad 
Drew Maxwell 
Jorgen Molvig 
Craig Scott 

Kelly Clow 
Heather Hunter 
Jeannie Miller 
Frieda Vandenberg 

Vanitha Nair 
Claudia Rodriguez 
Uratile Sijiye 
Madlena Tomova 

Edgar Aguirre 
Robert Hill 
Faisal Maju 
Stephen Seper 

Shinura Ashton 
Emily Johnson 
Rachal Ronning 
Lindsay Weber 

Helen Cho 
Kimberly Coppick 
Kristina Talazus 
Kari Holland 

Yolanda Coronado 
Patricia Flores 
Karen Ribaudo 

Amanda Ehrlich 
Rhonda Nagata 
Domenica Piumetti 

Shadlyn Cox 
Heidi Johnson 
Michele MoUer 

Edwin Astudills 
Erode Davanger 
Per Roland 
Feffrey Van Fleet 

Lisa Castro-Conde 
Ann Cantalano 
Stephine Hammerwold 

Leah Alvarado 
Maria Boatwright 
Maria Regis 
Edith Vargas 

Vanessa Calderon 
Shu Cheng 
Veronica Munoz 
Annette Holguin 

Randall Boulett 
Rogelio Castellano 
Philip Chantri 
Ramon Lara 

Bruce Bui 

Bret-Jordan Kreiensieck 
Claes Pattersson 
Ryan Gildersleeve 

Paul Ferguson 
Timothy Johnson 
Matthew Mowry 
Todd Challo 

Ryan Babcock 
Olatunde Osunsanmi 
Anthony Sullivan 

Fumi Hoshiba 
Katherine Nielsen 
Dereth Salchak 
Karilyn Switzer 

Joel Arnold 
John Cicone 
Tarobe Kurume 

Jessica David 
Monika Nagy 
Melissa Rider 
Connie Stewart 

Jill Embree 
Amy Krause 
Rachel Oliveros-Larsen 
Bethamy Yovanovich 

Vest Side 


Stephanie Halter 
Amal Ikhlassi 
Jennifer Paulsen 
Barbara Wagner 

Kenneth Crippen 
Tom Lunda 

Jennifer Brudnicki 
Trine Gronbaelc 
Yuki Nakajima 
Thuy Tang 

Javier Avila 
Andre Luque 
Charlie Noble 
Jeremy White 

Alejandra Ayala 
Gregoria Blanco 
Silvia Chavez 

Michele Caldwell 
Kristina Eaton 
Jamey Light 
Amy Willock 

Katie Braceland 
Ryann Hartung 
Sara Leader 
Christine Thaulow 

Joshua Buley 
Brendan Carberry 

Michael McGill 
Daniel Molina 
Justin Mosley 
Michael McFarland 

Ann Baumgartner 
Julie Baumgartner 
Christine Lintvedt 
Amy Van Atta 

Robert Clausein 
Benjamin Collins 
Eugenio Quezada 

Lori Chronister 
Karena Larson 
Lanissa Laurin 
Kathryn Proffitt 

Christy Gustafson 
Tembi Moya 
Margaret Robinson 
Cyndi Schmidt 

Priscilla Lai 
Heather Teoh 
Suzanne Uhland 

Stephanie EhJer 
Yvette McNally 
Heather Vance 

Thomas Evans 
Nathan Mulhern 
David Richardson 

Charlotte Foldberg 
Stacey Lindberg 
Robin Mitchell 


Susana Luna 
Regina Martinez 
Norma Murillo 
Sandra Torres 

Mary Alessi 
Amy Beuthel 
Andrea Johnson 
Rebecca Sebastian 

Karen Kasper 
Paraskevi Orologas 
Anita Richardson 
Malaka Saied 

Isaac Edwards 
Steven Fjeldseth 
Thomas Herman 
Ryan Huisenga 

Shane Andersen 
Emily Aurich 
Kirsten Kramer 
Christina Proffitt 

Julia Thorns 
Monika Rivera 
Jenifer Lister 
Angela Berg 

Heidi Person 
Jessica Froman 
GLna Delianedis 
Angela Catena 

Erin Rivers 
Dianne Habring 
Ingrid Becker 

William Busch 
Geoffrey Dains 
Jeff Shea 
Dominick Villani 

Michele Bennett 
Michelle Elbert 
Denise Ricks 

Annmarie Addicott 
Veronica Garcia 
Buddhirani Jayawardena 
Sara Richardson 

Rolf Alexander 
Robert Spang 

Michelle Levine 
Deborah Parsons 
Jamie Rempfer 
Mandy Stephen 

Michael Treiberg 
Trond Osthagen 
Peter Berg 
Damian Alvarez 

Andrew Withers 
Daniel Medic 

Ashley Perry 
Susanne kelley 
Belinda Hernandez 

4^ y Rairos 

Jason Endicott 
Dennis Lagodimos 
Timothy Norcross 
Kyle Thompson 

Matthew Coles 
Dean May 
Matthew Romeo 

Rhonda Davis 
Jenny Jones 
Megan Quirk 
Brenda Taylor 

Kimberly Carver 
Susan Hernandez 
Deanna Luque 
Justin Monical 

Stephanie Frees 
Elizabeth Martinez 
Trinity Mueller 
Jennifer Pappas 

Kelly Moss 
Lucy Olmos 
Judy Yang 

Kristy Duncan 
Jill Mahre 
Donna Scott 

Chad Dueker 
Christian Dunbar 
Juan Ordaz 
Andrew Saint 

Brad Bjekle 
Jon Colvin 
Arthur Press 
Cory Stigile 

Maria Holguin 
Shantee Ravare 
Angela Schutt 

Randi Berman 
Kelly Briggs 
Julie Harris 
Karen Ringnalda 

Craig Amason 
Gary Brechler 
Joseph Jaurequi 
Vesselin Kehaiov 


Alia Gustafson 
Danielle Hines 
Heidi Young 

Juan Alcantar 
Miguel Cabrera 
Michael Foster 
Brandon Mclntire 

Lisa Loberg 
Robin Pry 
Diane Royer 
Kelly Swanson 

Erin Ferioli 
Jennifer Fuller 
Kirsten Strangeland 
Kari Storfjord 

Mike Mays 
Ryan McCann 
Oliver Turner 
Michael Wehn 

Tenisha Aldridge 
Sandra Garcia 
Amanda Hill 
Maria Sanchez 

Marc Binda 
Christopher Coulter 
Keyur Desai 
Anton Dybin 

Eric Handke 
Christian Pounsboe 
Steven Schmidt 
Marcus Turek 

Karen Card 
Marianne Lawson 
Dianna Miller 
Katharine MoUer 

Jenny Garrido 
Lonelle Olson 
Jennifer Otto 

Sara Barnett 
Rachel Dennis 
Becky Platta 
Dawn Williams 

Kei Kato 
Brad Leese 
Russell Thebaud 
Kevin Wade 

Christy Fauver 
Alicia Bahman 
Nica Calderon 
Maria Cordova 

Irene Torres 
Patti Eyler 
Michelle Prado 
Esperanza Serrato 

Michael Davis 
Jason Goldsmith 
Josh McGee 
Matthew Powell 

Fredrick Nanhed 
John Samolia 
Johan Seidefors 
Mattias Wikstrom 

Vest Side 


Kimberley Freiberg 
Carolyn Sanger 
Christa Knudsen 
Roman Achberger 
Duane Pontoppidan 
Sara Carlson 
Heather Verner 
Paz Olson-Pacheco 
Michael Walther 
Milika Shivers 
Alexis Smoody 
Allison Kiser 
Heidi Theis 
Matthew Preston 
Anne Guevarra 
Janessa Jones 
Erin Baumgartner 
Corinne Bergmen 
Richard Barrett 
Rory Steinhaus 
Bethany DeBoer 
Laura Thoreson 
Toshiharu Asaka 
Matt Bullis 
Hideya Imai 
Roberto Rael 
Lori Barhydt 
Laura Festerling 
Undis Fjeld 
Tracy Gail 

Denise Asato 
Heather Wyman 
Denise Dreis 
Jovanna Gonsalves 
David Linstad 
Matthew Neumann 
Kari Hanson-Smith 
Nadine Rajabi 
Davitt Conley 
Scott Waier 
Amy Birkmire 
Heidi Kneff 
Catherine Dickerson 
Aaron Hehe 
Debra Lindstrom 
Melissa Stevenson 
Daniel Lansford 
Ryan Vondrak 
Chayna Manning 
Amanda Young 
Troy Charleston 
Vincent McCarrie 
Jaime Cope 
Amy Stofferahn 
Stephanie Gardner 
Jeanette Wolf 
Gariel Laizer 
Pamela Chaffee 
Aaron Pritchard 
Helen Daniels 

Kristen Sawcelle 
Will Brooks 
Gavin Taylor 
Mike Feller 
Alfonso Mercado 
Sara Gravrock 
Joanna Smith 
Seth Townsend 
Barbara Hawkins 
Erasmo Jacinto 
Holly Forssell 
Scott Browning 
Demetrius Henderson 
Kazunori Hagihara 
An Truong 
Steven Perry 
Simone Shouhed 
Sean Flaherty 
Philipp Smavczny 
Quincie Melville 
Miguelangel Jimenez 
Mihailo Nikolic 
Laura Shigemitsu 
Precious Moyo 
Carl Maloney 
Eric Millard 
Gloria Chavez 
Jennifer Hedger 
Mohamed Ghorab 
Ivan Barahona 

Ilya Alikov 
Marten Mohlin 
Shinji Hashimoto 
Robert Reda 
William Bringgold 
Chad Tomich 
William Plemons 

Matthew Milnes 
Pamela Chaffee 
Maritza Oliva 
Sarah Hess 
Carla Moore 
Timothy Nausin 
Amanda Woods 

Rebecca Clinton 
Chad Tomich 
Brian Harrison 
Bethany Hays 
Kimiko Oribe 


Iheodor Baljet 
Jason Cowles 
Aaron Molnar 
Patrick Shirley 
Brian Harrison 

Daisuke Kinouchi 
Scott Poletto 
Lara Philby 
Maya Taguchi 
Joshua English 

Lars Berg 

Ryan Girod 

Paul Kendrick 

Kari Holland 

Brand ie Murrish 

Susan Stitt 

Jenny Toler 

Shauna Clark 

Tera Hendryx 

Marji Tovar 

Vicente Rodriguez 

Bill Bedgood 

D'Artaganan Phinnessee 

Michael Salser 

Brian Stouch 

David Aranda 

Jason Wilson 

Carrie Reitz 

Wendy Jackson 
Cecilie Bjorge 
Masake Inoue 
Justin Lewis 
Carlos Ruiz 
Tyler Conlin 
Bryan Erckenbrak 
Nathan Fistner 
Torgeir Haugholt 
Edgar Acab 
Dennis Brown 
Kiriko Yagi 
Hsun-Yi Chen 
Erica Strauss 

Tenesha Aldridge 
Gerardo Campos 
Alfred Flores 
David Rosales 
Miguel Veron 
Jason Babcock 
Jefferson Sand 
Steven Bell 
Kory Felkr 
Hilde Jarstadmarken 
David Ballon 
Keishi Fujiwara 
Chad Littler 
Birte Steen 
Kristina Fresquez 
Amanda Hatfield 
Jose Valladolid 
Yohei Hasegawa 
Amade Nyirak 
Jesse Rodriguez 
Johnny Allen 
Michael Dulaney 
Jess Osier 

Christopher Whitfield 
Steven Aguilar 
Jonathan Denison 
Melissa Muller 
Adrian Pantoga 
Christian Berg 
Oeyshen Ore 
Richard Ruiz 
Ylva Ekstrand 

Rebecca Busby 
Ryan Edwards 
Brian Schneid 
Jeffrey Reimers 
Anna Olsen 
Anette Bruvik 
Silje Gjose 
Therese Bodin 
Elizabeth Fitzgibbon 
Kelley Mitchell 
Douglas Characky 
Marco Marquez 
Mai Enshoji 
Nils-Petter Kjaer 
Andrew Murawa 
Richard Ramos 
Olav Telset 
Lars Bruflat 
Tim Johnson 
Colby Woolman 
Jiyeon Lee 
Emisa Tamanaha 
Jeff Dedomenico 
Stephanie Allen 
Brenda Barajas 
Sandra Garcia 
Berenis Magana 
Chris Wade 
Julie Hughes 
Shawn Dennis 
Philip Jenkins 
Matthew Sabosky 
Jenny Sperens 


Bryan Jones 
Nathan Judd 
Adam Pearce 
Ryan Windle 

Brian Foxworth 
James Godley 
Wesley Manzke 
Joseph Matoush 

Fernando Arboleda 
Jermaine Dixon 
Greg McAllister 
Robbie Spradlin 

Amanda Daily 
Sommer Embree 
Teresa Hoang 

Claudia Bell 
Aubrey Kliaman 
Robin O'Connell 
Ashley Scott 

Shelby Alfred 

Jaime Baxter 

Jennifer Gauna-Chamblin 

Jon Ferfuson 
Shane Graves 
Brendan Kelley 
Kevin Lyon 

Arthur Bartsch 
Steven Handlin 
David Lundeen 
Thomas McErlane 

Colin Hanely 
Angel Meleandez 

Megan Karns 
Roberta Mills 
Stacey Rogers 
Christina Saenz 

Mai Mizuno 
Marcia Scheaffer 
Amy Owens 
Kelly Trouw 

Bethany Hoffmann 
Marnie Koch 
Heather Szabo 
Heather Westfall 

Wendy Becerra 
Victoria Galloway 
Bernadette Olivares 
Andrea Suarez 

Erik Olson 
Adrian Pantoja 

Matthew Brown 
William Tuccio 
Jason Wagner 
Paul-Andre White 

Erin Bates 
Katrina Gonzalez 
Annette Lam 

Kellie Stigile 

Nicholas Garben 
Kyle Hagamann 
Brian Kays 
Matthew Mahler 

Heather Embree 
Amira Hellman 
Heather Kennedy 
Amy Walz 

Katherine Hodgson 
Karin Kapphahn 
Erin mayberry 
Alexis Rhodes 

Kaylee Bostwick 
Nora Coleman 
Candace Drom 
Megan Marshall 

Marie Ballon 
Stephanie Cooley 
Velvet Terry 
Laura Uss 

Brian Fay 
Matthew Liebig 
Daniel Roschke 
James Tarver 

Harry Garland 
Robert Wade 
Charles Yates 

Shaun Blumfield 
Rafael Lazcano 
Christian Masegian 
Timothy Meacham 

Liz Amrhein 
Angelica Estrada 
Chantal Lorenzini 

Brian Albright 
Patrick Barwick 
Christian Britton 
Kyle Cookmeyer-Aguilar 

Stephanie Howe 
Nichole Rouse 
Irene Tyrrell 

Davin Hill 
Brian Hinkle 
Shusaku Kuroda 
Kyle Stalder 

Courtney Gongola 
Lara Guest 
Madline Inderbieten 
Jamie La Cascia 

Mary Hernandez 
Araceli Robles 
Laura Rocha 
Ana Tolentino 

David Bayles 
Ketric Mahoney 
Jon Manning 
Andrew Paffrath 

Kaarin Benson 
Christine Halcomb 
Jennette Rodriguez 
Jennifer Waer 

Christin Farrell 
Candice Innabi 
Sara Larcombe 
Maegan McConncll 

EAST Side #49 

' \ 

wm-.: : 


With a new head coach, the loss of 
some key seniors and the addition of a 
large group of freshman, the Kingsmen 
football team had their hands full this sea- 
son. The Kingsmen finished with 4-5 

The pre-season began with a trip to 
Coronado called "Break Away" where 
players found themselves doing everything 
but football and forming strong team ties 
that would last the season. "I was iffy 
about Coronado at first, but 1 ended up 
really liking the atmosphere," said Kevin 
"Smiley" Lyons, a freshman from Bakers- 

Coach Scott Squires named the "Break 
Away" as one of the highlights of the sea- 
son. He added the University of San Diego 
game and the Occidental and Menlo 
College games to the list. "The last game 
against Menlo was great. We played with 
enthusiasm. That's the kind of team 1 want for 
next year." 

A surprisingly successful group of players 
this year were the freshman. Many were handed 
starting positions due to some critical injuries. 
Jermaine Dixon, a wide receiver from Pasadena, 
finished the season with 18 catches and was the 
No. 1 freshman receiver. Tony Weak, an offensive 
lineman from Camarillo, and Lyon, a defensive 
back, saw a lot of playing time as well. 

Squires argues that the season could have 
been different had there been less injuries. "I 
turned around at the Redlands game and saw 16 
guys in street clothes. I told them to take all their 
healthy parts and put them together 'cause were 
gonna need them for the game." One of the most 
devastating losses was tailback Fredrik Nanhed, 
who pulled his hamstring during pre-season 
practices. He was unable to regain his true form 
until more than half the season was over, but 
did manage to rush for 178 yards on 22 carries 
against Menlo in the final game of the season. 

Other injured players were defensive end's, 
Kyle Donovan, and Jason Cowles as well as Jon 
Ferguson, a running back from Bakersfield and 
David Aranda, a linebacker from Redlands. All 
were required to have surgery. 

Squires was blessed with an aggressive 
defense which included, seniors Manuel Cantero, 
Justin Monical, Mario Guerrero, Will Plemons, 
David Jaglowski, Stan Rohn and Damon Barnett. 
Three outstanding defensive backs that have three 
more years to show their stuff are: Steve Perry, 
Andy Bartsch and Lyon. 

Squires hopes to better their record next sea- 
son. "I intend to win!" he said. No major changes 
are in the playbooks for offense or defense. With 
all the ups and downs of this season, the 
Kingsmen hope to balance out a winning record 
for next year. 

Quarterback Zock Hernandez #2, 
runs the option against Occidental. 

Dwight McNaughton, Zack Hernandez, Mark Williams, David Jaglowski, Jason Chang, 
Orlando Avila, Kevin Lyon, Ryan Babcock, Nathan Judd, Dan Reidt, Aaron Molinar, Ryan 
Huisenga, Ernie Foli, Justin Mosley, Stan Rohn, Tim Cronk, Jermaine Dixon, Jeff Shea, 
Damon Barnett, Ethan Siegel, Anthony Sullivan, Fredrik Nanhed, Ben Collins, Edgar Acab, 
Rob Reda, Steve Perry, Keith Parris, Chris Britton, Mattias Wikstrom, Theo Baljet, Lawrence 
Jefferson, Joseph Kneizeh, Billy Busch, Mike Schuyler, Andy Bartsch, Jon Ferguson, Rafael 
Lozcano, Warren Harrell, William Bringgold, Marcus Turek, Will Tuccio, Simone Shouhed, 
Paul Yerman, Rickard Malm, Mike Hays, Steve Schmidt, Jason Chronister, Ryan McCann, 
Eric Handke, Justin Monical, Dave Aranda, Will Plemons, Christian Paulsnoe, Tony Weak, 
Tim Johnson, Rico Gross, MG Cantero, Patrick Barwick, Shane Graves, Steve Fjeldseth, Tom 
Herman, Steve Handelin, Phil Jenkins, Christian Masegian, Rob Clausen, Aaron Hehe, Omar 
Perez, Greg McAllister, Tom McErlane, Kyle Donovan, Jason Cowles, Robert Tushinsky, 
Mario Guerrero. 

X^Sa^ KAIR05 


Left: Special teams down the ball after 

an awesome kick by Nationally recognizee! 

kicker Jeff Shea. 

Below: After the 22-40 loss at Azusa Pacific, 
the team takes time out for a prayer. 

Middle Below: Plovs^ing into the pile, 
taleback Frederik Nonhead #22 fights to 
advance the chains. 

Left: Strong Safety, Mattias "The Terminator" 
Wikstrom #33 contemplates his defensive 
strategy against Menlo. 

Above: Fredrick Nonhead #22, CLU's leading 
rusher avoids defenders with Billy Busch #39 
close by for the block. 


Lead by Senior Jed Colvin, Junior Cory Stigile anei 
two talented freshmen, Caroline Becker and Kellie 
Stigile, the Cal Lu cross-country team proudly repre- 
sented our school with their performance. The mem- 
bers this year were; Roman Achberger, Raffi 
Bahadarian, Mark Bash, Ryan Girod, Jon Dennison, 
Raul Rios, Jason Wagner, Jamie Cope, Kirsten Kramer, 
Jamie La Cascia and Amy Van Atta. 

The team's season consisted of meets at Whittier, 
Westmont and UC Riverside. In addition, CLU hosted 
the CLU Invitational here with visitors from Division I 
powerhouses such as USC, SDSU and other teams 
from SCIAC. CLU placed eighth at the CLU 
Invitational. At the SCIAC Multi-Duals Meet held in 
La Mirada, Jed Colvin placed fourth. This landed 
him a spot in the pack at the NCAA division III 
championships. Colvin macie an outstanding finish 
at the NCAA finals held in Rock Island, 111. with his 
fastest 8.0 Km finish (26:02). Also, Kellie Stigile placed 

This year, the team was lead by a new coach, 
CLU alum, Brady Day. Day was a great choice as the 
new coach because of his familiarity with CLU and 
his commitment to its success. Overall, the team fin- 
ished eighth in SCIAC and is looking forward to a 
stronger finish next year. 

Jason Wagner and Kory Stigile get a running start for 
CLU in a distance event at a league invitational. 

Kelli Stigle gives her all to Regals Cross Country 
as she performs in a distance event. 


Track hw Fielt) 


The 1997 track team team had lots of CLU pride. The 

team captains were Matt Creech, Justin Monical, Katherine 

Neilsen, and Evi Orologas. Following are team members 

who were on top in their events: DISTANCE, Stigile; 


Nielsen; HURDLES, Dixon, Nielsen; STEEPLE CHASE, 

Stigile; HIGH JUMP Schuyler, Becker; LONG JUMP 

Bash, Becker; TRIPLE JUMP, Schuyler, Becker; 

JAVELIN, Parris, Armijo; DISCUS, Creech, Orologas; 

SHOT PUT, Creech, Damien; HAMMER, Creech, 

Evi Orologas. 

Team members: Steven Aguilar, Tenisha 
Aldridge, Deonna Armijo, Javier Avila, Mark 
Bash, Carolyn Becker, Jamie Cope, Matt Creech, 
Jeremy Creed, Amanda Daily, Amanda Damien, 
Jermain Dixon, Kyle Donovan, Candace Drom, 
Stephanie Ehlers, Amy Fisher, Stephanie Gardner, 
James Grabe, Amanda Hatfield, Jen Hedger, Tim 
Johnson, Oskar Kantoft, Jamie Lacascia, Ray Lara, 
Karena Larson, Erin Mayberry, Tom Mcerlane, Matt 
McGinnis, Jon Meadows, Tom Meadows, Justin 
Monical, Trinity Mueller, Katherine Nielsen, Evi 
Orologas, Kristin Osborn, Keith Parris, Mike Schuyler, 
Jenny Sperens, Cory Stigile, Kellie Stigile, Gretchen Sweat, 
Eric Tapking, Jenny Toler, Amy Van Atta, Jason Wagner, 
Amanda Young, Heidi Young 

Hammer thrower Tim 
Johnson shows off his 
iin a league meet. 

Jeremy Creed and 
Oskar Kantoft com- 
pete in the 100 
meter dash. 

Mark Bash leads the 
i v^ay around the turn 
in the quarter mile. 




The volleyball team consisted of 13 players (one 
freshman, one junior transfer, and eight returning 
players). The starting lineup included Karen Kasper, 
Light, Jennifer Pappas, Tracey Little, Liz Martinez 
and Mandy Stephens. There will be 11 players 
returning for the '97 season. 

"This year our team was physically stronger 
and had more depth. However, we were not near- 
ly as mentally strong as last year," Eaton said. 

Both Light and Eaton hope to see changes for 
next year. Light suggests that every player needs 
to work harder at practice, as though it were a real 
game. "I hope we become stronger in offense, due 
to the fact that we are losing our two strongest 
hitters," Eaton said. 

Overall, the 1996 volleyball season was a suc- 
cessful one. The team was like a family. They all 
had a lot of fun together on and off the court. 

Light was disappointed that the 
team ended the season with a loss, 
because that will be what they remem- 
ber. "It is frustrating to lose when you 
know that you are a better team," Light 

The team hopes to come back 
strong and in good spirits for the 1997 
season. They will be coached by Mr. 
James Park for a fourth consecutive 


■5 1*: 

Team Photo: Tracy Little, 
Jennifer Pappas, Karen Kasper, 
Erin Baumgartner, Courtney 
Gongola, Jennifer Gauna, Liz 
Martinez, Carrie Sanger, Tracy 
Gail, Mandy Stephen, Kristy 
Eaton, Jamey Light, Kim Bauer 

Bottom: Tracy Little, #9 leading 
digger and killer, digs deep. 
The Regal's finished the season 
vN^ith a 21-4 record overall and 
an avy^esome 1 2-0 SCAIC record. 

X^^^ KAIR05 

Belo>v: Liz Martinez proves she can do more 
than set with this kill. 

Setting up for the kill, Tracy Little pops the ball 
up for an assist by Mandy Stephens. 

Above: Junior setter Liz Martinez, #1, sets the 
ball for the spike. 

Left: #7 Jennifer Poppas bumps it 
over with the help of junior outside 
hitter Mandy Stephens, #5. 


Men's Soccer 

Just as the Winter and Spring sports are starting, the 
men's soccer team is getting a well deserved break from an 
intense season. 

The Kingsmen won the SCIAC for the second time in a 
row this year. "I am very pleased with the season, and I am 
proud of the program," head coach Dan Kuntz said. The soc- 
cer team was 12-7 overall, 8-2 in conference. 

"Our goals for this season was first to win every game, 
second to win the SCIAC and third make it to the playoffs," 
Kuntz said 

Injuries have been a problem for the team this year. 
Key defender Edwin Astudillo experienced hamstring 
trouble throughout the season and offensive player Ryan 
Dobbins was out for the last two games. 

After winning the SCIAC for two consecutive years, 
and proving that they can play "up there" with anyone, 
the Kingsmen should finally get the reputation and 
respect that will get them a spot in the playoffs 

"Men's soccer in Southern California is very competi- 
tive," Kuntz commented. He also added, "To get the respect 
needed to be considered for a playoff spot takes time." 

"We have a very good team returning next year, Kuntz 
said. "Add a few quality transfer and freshman players and 
we will be even stronger than we were this year." 

Ryan Kaufinan,Marc Bmda.kvlc riuimpw)n,rim Naubin, \cii 

Van Fleet,Bran Collins,Edwin Astudillo,Sebastian Alvardo,]osh Parker,Aluede Okokhere, 
Frode Davanger,Jeff Smilen,Matt Dacko,Robert Spang,Ryan Dobbins,Jim Marshall,Jeremy 
Creed,Oskar Kantoft,Charlie Noble,Scott Porter,Matthew Romeo,Hohan Seidefors,Juan 
Alcntar,Colby Rodriguez,Andrew Buck,Sean Flaherety, Mohamed Ghorab, James GodlyBrian 
Hinkle,Brandon Jones,Gabriel Laizer,Matt Mahler,Daniel MasilamoneyMatthew Neumann, 
Adam Pearce,Philipp Smaczny,Kyle Stalder,Edson Vargas,Scott Waier,Ryan Windle 

Top: Brian Collins does a bicycle kick to aid 
CLU's midfield attack. 

Bottom: Crouching low, Sebastian Alvarado 
keeps his eye on the ball. 

The women's basketball team was very suc- 
cessful this year. With an overall record of 15-10 
and a SCIAC record of 7-5, the team posted yet 
another winning season. 

Team members this year were Shelby Allred, 
Jenny Toler, Brandie Murrish, Michele Bennett, 
Joy Garcia, Keelee Faulk, Jennifer Hedger, Anita 
Richardson, Melissa Wood, Missy Rider, Heather 
Verner, Evi Orologas, Susan Stitt, and Monika 
Nagy. The team's scoring leader was senior Evi 
Orologa with an overall average of 16.9 points 
per game. Evi was also the leading rebounder 
with 9.1 per game. 

During the season, CLU had three players 

named to the Second Team AU-SCIAC; 

Murrish, Orologas, and Richardson. Murrish 
was named "Columbus Multimedia" West 
Region Player of the Week in January. She also 
had an outstanding performance against 
Occidental where she achieved a "triple-double." 

Anita Richardson 

is good 


gold as she drives to the bucket 

for a lay-up. 

^ ^ 









1 12 




f 1 


^H|^^^$ 1 





^^^v4 1 


If ^^ 










m ■ 









Keelee Faulk looks Inside as she tries to make 
the perfect pass. 


Women's Soccer 

Front row: Lara Heifner, Shannon Pennington, 
Nadine Rajabi, Mary Vincent, Deanna Luque, 
Kristin Taylor, Kim Holeman 

Back row: Shelly Burgess, ass't coach, Dan Kuntz, 
head coach, Ashley Scott, Heidi Theis, Chayna 
Manning, Angela Rayner, Laura Corsi, Amy Walz, 
KimCarver, Lara Philby, Mandi Comer, Jill 
Simmer, Holly Roepke, Lisa Ferragamo, 
ass't coach 

Once again the Regals proved true to their 
outstanding SCIAC record of 70-1-1 during the 
last six years. 

The Women's soccer team ended an excellent f^';' 
season with the best record in SCIAC thanks to "the 
combination of people, desire and good times," 
head coach Dan Kuntz said. He also commented, 
"Anytime you have a group with 
strong leadership from the inside that 
come together with a passion to do 
well, you sprinkle it with a little fun 
and you'll go a long way." 

This team has had more MVPs, 
more All-West players, more goals 
scored and less goals scored against 
than any team in the conference. The 
Regals were in the NCAA playoffs for 
the fifth time in the last six years, 
ranked No. 2 behind National 
Champions UC San Diego, and ranked 
13th in the nation. 

The only losses suffered this sea- 
son were to national champion teams, 
UCSD and Cal State Domigues Hills. 
Holly Roepke, sophomore, and Jill 
Simmer, senior, each had 14 goals for 
the end of the season. Kim Holeman, 
junior, followed up with 12 and 
Chayna Manning, freshman, had 6 

The coach said, "They're a very 
accepting group who has some fun 
teasing and joking, but once they step 
across the line, they're a team.'" 

Kristin Taylor, sophomore defend- 
er said, "We support each other on and 
off the field and it shows in our play." 

The team is seen as always giving 
oppoutunities for growing. Kuntz 
believes, "Soccer is a piece of educa- 
tion, it's not everything. It does relate 
a lot to life though, with no time outs 
and having to problem solve while in 
the game." 

X.^^ Kairos 

Below: Regals celebrate another goal to 
strengthen their SCIAC record. 

Lara Philby, one of the Regals' star 
defenders, keeps the ball away from a 
persuing opponent. 

Left: Leading scorer Jill Simmer #4 can match 
whits and feet with anyone on the field. 


With only one loss, Senior Mark Ellis (9-1), made a 
lasting impression on CLU for his last season of college 
tennis. Ranked number one in the pre-season, Ellis 
proved his abilities again this year after winning the 
1996 NCAA Division III Singles Championship. The 
NCAA Ail-American also helped the team earn the 
best record in SCIAC with an overall record of 9-2 and 
an SCIAC record of 4-1. Their only loss in the league 
was to Redlands. 

Every member of the team had winning sea- 
sons with other oustanding players such as Adam 
Nielson, who was ranked Number 25 in the region, 
and Jenia Karimov, who was ranked Number 5 in the 
nation at his junior college. 

Other team members included: John Cicone, 
Bryan Holloway, Kristjan Koik, Olatunde 
Osunsanmi, Carl Maloney, and Philipp Smaczny. 

Jenia Karimov, 
former Junior 
College champi- 
on from Russia, 
returns serve. 

Mark Ellis not only lead the Kingsmen, he >vas 
rated the number one player in the country! 

John Cicone uses leverage as 
he powers a serve down the 

SZy Kmros 

With an overall record of 7-6 and 3-4 in the 
always-tough SCIAC, the CLU women's teruiis 
team had their work cut out for them and a chal- 
lenging season in 1997. Not intimidated by the 
daunting task, a number of the women players 
forged memorable seasons. 

Heather Szabo (9-3), Jill Embree (7-2), Karrie 
Matson (2-1), and Ingrid Becker (2-1) all experi- 
enced winning singles seasons as well as strong 
performances in their doubles tournaments. 

Team SCIAC wins were over La Verne (7-2), 
Whittier (6-3), and Claremont (5-4). This year, 
CLU played host to the SCIAC Championships. 
Jennifer Otto believed that the team was so 
strong because, "One of our team's best assets 
was the tremendous depth; if one of us could- 
n't play a match, we always had several players 
to draw from that could easily fill her shoes." 

Other team members included: Kaarin 
Benson, Kelly Chow, Michelle Faley, Diane Royer 
Alia Gustafson, Cindy Bear, Shane Andersen, 
and Jennifer Otto. 

Diane Royer strokes a 
forehand return in a ~ 
non-league match. 

Cindy Bear returns service during one of the lady's strenuous prac- 
tice sessions. 

Alio Gustafson practices her ground strokes. 


Based primarily on a 10-2 home record, the 
Kingsmen Basketball team finished the season at 17-8. 
CLU was 9-5 in SCIAC action. 

Richard Rider, the Men's Basketball Coach, stated, 
"The Kingsmen basketball team had good senior leader- 
ship. This united the team to win games." 

The squad was hurt by the loss of six varsity starters 
who graduated from last year's team. Filling the void 
were forwards Andy Saint, Brian Capella, and guard 
Christian Dunbar. Coach Rider had high expectations for 
these players this year. Capella led the Kingsmen in scor- 
ing with a 13.2 per game average. 

There were many new players on the team in 1996. 
With the focus on defense, the Kingsmen were able to put 
together another standout season to maintain their long 
winning tradition. 

"The talent was dominated by a few players last 
year, but it was spread out to many other players this 
season," said Chad Dueker, senior guard. 

Duker also stated that "winning championships was 
our final goal." 

Chad Dueker stays lo>v as he strikes a 
defensive stance. 

Brian Capella lays the ball up and off the 
glass for another t>vo-ponter. 

'SI y Rairos 

Chad Duelcer drives around an opponent on 
his way to the basket. 

Christian Dunbar goes high as he battles for 
a rebound. 

Mike McGill fights for a loose ball in heavy 
traffic underneath the basket. 


Head coach, Keisha Davis, is pleased with the CLU 
Softball team this year. She said that they were #1 in the 
conference with a record of 14-5-1. She also said, "They 
were an enthusiastic team who came back strong and 
played well with their backs against the wall. There 
were several very good pitchers this year such as 
Senior Gina Delianedis, Junior Kathy Proffitt, and 
Freshman Christine Halcomb." 

The Softball team's batting average was .329, 
while their opponents had an average of .283. The 
highest average for CLU, was held by Freshman 
Christine Halcomb (.500). 

CLU's biggest competition in SCIAC was from 
Claremont. Other non-league games against 
Chapman and UCSD proved to be tough competi- 
tion for the Regals. Their losses to Southern California 
College put the team's chances for playoffs in jeopardy. 

Christine Halcamb 
slides headfirst into 
second, just ahead of 

r ' "x: 

Yvette McNally applies the po>ver as she lashes 

one into the alley. 

The team that stays together, plays together. 

y<^^y RAIROS 

This year's golf team was composed of four of the 

six members from last year and four new students. 

The coach this year, Jeff Lindgren stated, "We have a 

pretty good reputation, now they must make a team." 

In the past several years, CLU's golf team has done 

very well. Last May, 1996, it finished 16th in the 

country in Division III at the National Conference in 

New York. It also won the SCIAC for the fourth 

year in a row. 

One of the biggest events was the CLU 

Kingsmen Invitational, which was a one day, 36- 

hole tournament at the Wood Ranch Golf Course in 

Simi Valley. There were fourteen teams invited 

from California, Washington, and Oregon. Cal Lu 

came in second to Pt. Loma. 

Team members included: Rick Brown, 
Clint Elssemore, Jeremy White, David 
Richardson, Jon Manning, Jeff Karpman, Dave 
Bayles, Ken Seldeen, Lars Bruflat, Paul Kendrick, 
Eric Osthagen and Andy Withers. With ail but one 
player returning next year, the team has high hopes 
of repeating their outstanding performance. 

Sophomore Clint 
Elsmore shovs^s per- 
fect form OS he fol- 
lows thru in the 

Returning starter. Senior Rick Brown, smashes a 
drive in the CLU invitational. 

Jermey White watches intently as his ball flies 
tovs^ard the hole. 

Softball/Golf ^67^ 

The top returners for this year are Sophomore pitch- 
er Erik Kiszcak, Senior pitcher Richard Bell, Senior catch- 
er Tom McGee, Senior third baseman Mike Young, senior 
short stop Ruben Torres and Junior left fielder Adam 

"The Western Regonial Title is what we gun for every 
year." Curran commented. He also said that this is the 
third time that CLU has won this title. The other two 
years were times were in 1992 and 1993. 

The top newcomers this year are Junior Dave Ballon, 
Junior Bryan Erckenbrack, Senior Marco Marquez, and 
Junior Joseph Jauregui. 

"CLU baseball's toughest opponent this year was 
Chapman Univeristy" Curran says. Other tough oppo- 
nents this year included Claremont-Mudd-Scripts and 
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Despite this the year was suc- 
cessful with an team total average of 362 and Sophomore 
Eric Buben averaging the highest of 429. 

Mike Young hits a frozen rope into the gap. 

Adam Rauch unleashes a power cut as he 
swings for the fences. 

Leading >vinner 
Richard Bell frr^s. fj^ 

fostbgll toward 
the plate, 

68 . Rmros 

Scott Foil goes headfirst into third with another 
stolen base for the Kingsmen. 

Ruben Torres strokes a basehit 

Ace starter Marco Marquez pushes tovy^ard the 
plate as he delivers the pitch. 

Anthony Olden follows through after lining one 
dov/n first base. 

Basebml v^SX 

Every year, the dance team gets better! This energetic 
group of girls really showed their stuff this season. The 1996-97 
Regal Dance Team consisted of four dancers. Some were brand 
new, and some returned for another exciting year of entertain- 
ing sports fans. Their dancing demonstrated a collaborative 
effort producing all of their own choreography and style. 

The dancers performed at football games with the cheer- 
leaders, basketball halftimes, and many other CLU events. The 
advisor of the dance team was Mrs. Robin Privat, and the mem- 
bers were Danielle Guiin, Dawn Williams, Teri Richards, and 
Ashlee Magdaleno. 

Overall it was a successful year with a lot of "dancing 
madness." The motto the dance team stuck by through the year 
of practices, sweat, and tears, was "WIMPY GIRLS SUCK!" 

^1 r ^ 



Dance Team members take a break 
after performing during halftime. 

During the halftime show, the Dance 

Team keeps with the Mardi Gras theme 

during their performance. 

The Dance Team sho>vs off its 
creativity during a game. 



From cheering to performing half- 
time shows, the CLU cheerleaders con- 
tinued to show school spirit and promote 
student involvement. The members of 
the squad put countless hours into 
preparing for each football and basket- 
ball game. 

With a team nine strong, this diver- 
sified group of energetic students contin- 
ued to exemplify spirit and good sports- 
manship at CLU. 

The members this year were: Alison 

Adams, Wendy Becerra, Sherry Briant, 

Stephanie Cooley, Rachel Dennis, 

Sommer Embree, Becky Platts, Laura 

Uss, and Lawrence Rodriquez. 

Each and every member is an inspi- 
ration to all students to stay involved 
and represent CLU well. 

The Cheer Squad lifts 
Alison Adams and 
Wendy Becerra to 

The Dance Team and the Cheer Squad pose after per- 
forming together at a football gome. 


'.'.^'y-*-i' ■:■■■■ 



Computer science 


James Guild, Thomas Janssens, Sandy 
Lofstock, Paul Stanley, Terrence Tong, 
Ashraf Wadaa, Cynthia Wyels 

What can be said? They're great! It's 
amazing to watch the enthusiastic 
instructors of these fields baffle stu- 
dents, especially in the area of physics. 
These people really strive to make 
themselves available to students for 
help, which is what everyone at CLU 
should have the opportunity for. The 
betterment of their students is the goal 
of each and every teacher in these 


Jan Bowman, Penny Cefola, Susan 
Corey, Melvyn Haberman, Susan 
Hahn, John Kundert-Gibbs, Jack T 
Ledbetter, Marsha Markman, Lyle 
Murley, Sigmar Schwarz, Bruce 
Stevenson, Gerry Swanson, Joan 

New to the English department this 
year is John Kundert-Gibbs, but 
already he has made an impressive 
start. In the faU he directed a black 
box, "All In The Timing" with his 

JtA y KiViRos 


Jerry Slattum, Larkin Higgins, Joel 

The art department is very active. 
Not only are there a variety of inter- 
esting classes, but there are many 
chances for students to enter their 
work in compitions. The prizes can 
be any where from $250-$5,000. 
Many students also enjoy the lively 
classes that are taught with a cre- 
ative twist. 


Ken Gardner, Michael Roehr, Lolita 
Ball, Michael Arndt. 

The Drama Department has an 
array of show each year and a musi- 
cal every two years. This year's 
shows included You're a Good Man 
Charlie Brown, directed by Barbara 
Wagner-Thomas, Marvin's Room 
directed by Ken Gardner, the musi- 
cal Kiss Me Kate directed by Michael 
Arndt and The Rude Michanicals 
directed by Barbara Wagner- 


William Bilodeau, Jeffrey Meyer, 
Linda Ritterbush 

Geology is a field that can be 
explored and dealt with first hand. 
And that is exactly what Bilodeau, 
Meyer, and Ritterbush do. Between 
the various field trips and expedi- 
tions, they keep students busy and 



Daniel Geeting, Wyant Morton, 
Dorothy Schechter, Carl Swanson 

The Music Department gives stu- 
dents a chance to challenge them- 
selves. Whether it be with private 
instrument or voice lessons, music 
theory, or the choir there is always 
something going on in the music 
department. The two choirs of CLU 
are Regents (the all women's choir), 
and the CLU choir. The two choirs 
usally have at least one fall and 
spring concert. 


William Bersley, Xiang Chen, Nathan 
Tierney, Henry Tailfer 

The Philosophy Department has con- 
tributed to many students lives in 
that a greater understanding of the 
world and its beings can be estab- 
lished. Some of the faculty, like Dr. 
Tierney, go so far as to counsel 
incoming freshmen admits. 


Pamela Brubaker, Joseph Everson, 
Deborah Sills, Jarvis Streeter, Ernst 
Tonsing, Marit Trelstad, Mark 
Knutson, Bryon Swanson, Katherine 

The Religion Department is the 
stronghold for the university, in 
terms of stability. The faculty put 
much of themselves into their work 
and make the religion classes inter- 
esting to students. 




Wendy Alker, Paula Avery, Sara 
Brown, Mark Curtis, Nancy Deshaies, 
Cody Hartley, Gloria Lopez, Kathy 
Mears, Marc Mereidth, Allison 
Pilmer, Gay Tortorici 

Personnel at the Admissions Office 
are known as the people who strive to 
welcome you to CLU; they tried to 
make you feel at home. They work 
hard to recruit new students for CLU 
in the hope that they may also con- 
tribute and gain from the CLU experi- 


Barbara Brown, Pamela Knitowski, 
Amy Zurek, Lisa Louis, Tamarra 
Mellick, Robin Privat, Kristin Bertell 

This team keeps track of all the 
alums of CLU. In addition, such 
people as Robin Privat and Amy 
Zurek contribute to S.A.A. (Student 
Alumni Association) and support 
the Alumni-Mentor program that is 
also part of S.A.A. 


Allyn Collins, Barbara Duffin, 
Marilyn Erickson, Diane Nentrup, 
Dorothy Posey, Lorraine Purmort, 
Lucy Rodriguez, Sue Sanders 

This office is so friendly that many 
students who come into it are known 
by name. All year round, these 
women spend many hours helping 
students, whether it be with adding a 
class or trying to figure out gradua- 
tion requirements. 



Cecile La Voie, Debbie Norwak 

Students all flood into the mail room 
in hopes of finding something 
besides junk mail and phone bills in 
their mailboxes. Both of these 
women spend many hours a day 
making sure everything goes 
smoothly as the mail goes in and 
out. Without their experience and 
attention to detail, students would 
be driving to the post office more 


Mike Fuller, Bryan McCoy, Carmen 
Kuchera, Justin Knight, Julie 

The organization that brings CLU 
such activities as Laker tickets for 
$25, "Freeze Your Lu Butf'nights, 
and many of the dorm activities all 
year, begins with Mike, Justin, 
Bryan, and Julie. They always 
inspire RHA, Senate, and Programs 
Board with new ideas. Because of 
their inspiration. Programs Board 
has been voted the best in West 
Coast colleges. 


Mike West, Mary Olson 

The jazz station of CLU featues all 
types of jazz music. It can range 
from traditional to contemporary 
jazz. In additon to music there are 
live updates from Washington and 
Reader's Theatre. Many members of 
the Drama Club meet and record 
children's show which they air later 
on 88.3 FM. In additon, many stu- 
dents enjoy their internships with 
Mike and Mary. 



Dennis E. Bryant, James T. Judge 

Events and Services are who you 
see out on the fields many hours 
before events such as Band Pest, 
Scandinavian Days and 

Homecoming Fair occurs. They not 
only set things up but they make 
sure everything is running smooth- 
ly. When students fun ends they are 
still there for many hours cleaning 


Lucy Ballard, Kelly Escalante, Elaine 
Guellich, Beverly Kemmerling, Lara 
Whisman, Bernie Olivares, Abilio 
Ramos, Michelle Angelo, Bob Smith, 
Gerland Karpman 

Health Services offers an inexpen- 
sive and convenient doctors office 
right here on campus. The women 
there take care of everything from 
sports clearance to serious medical 
problems, and they do their best to 
keep CLU students in good health. 


Gordon Randolph, Ray Jackson 

Security is not only known to con- 
trol traffic, but they unlock doors for 
students who forgot their keys or 
for those who need into a building 
to pick up something. Whether it is 
two in the afternoon or two in the 
morning, you can always count on 
our security staff to be around and 
available to help. 




L , ^ ._i ^- 



r — 


I have fought the good 
fight, I Kave fFmaliedT^Ke' 
racev\ have-kept the faithi 

II Tim. 4: 


. — — ^ 

W — r— - 

-^^ J 

tiM# ' 

- — r— 








♦ m 




- ( 







-jjs^^,.. !,__ _ 

I _^' 



Kmros CLosmca 


Kelly Hughes, Barbara Wagner, Chris Wade, Matt 
Powell, and Nathan Black >vait paiently during 

K\ss Me Kate rehearsals. 

Rachel Dennis, Laura Vdllejos, and Cristina Mata 
enjoy the night by joking around. . 




■WLJ ^^1 

Sara Gravrock, Luke ^rrett and Janna ^^^^^^^^^^^^^|^ 
' Kautz take a minute froci picture. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hl 


Amy Maes, Kari Gravrock, and Laura Vallejos are all dressed up and 
ready for the Halloween Festivities. 

CLosmQ vi2^ 




Congratulations to the 

Class of 1997! 

Best Wishes in Your 

Future Endeavors! 

1200 West Hillcrest Drive • Suite 201 • Thousand Oaks, California 91320 
(805) 376-2250 I 

Best Western 
Oaks Lodge 


Graduates of 1997! 

Thank you for 

your support. 

< 10 miles from Cal Lutheran University 

' Meeting room 

' Whirlpool 

' Complimentary mini breakfast 

• Avis car rental service available on premises 
' Close to shopping malls, restaurants, 
and theaters 
' Built-in hair dryers 

12 Conejo Boulevard • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 

(805) 495-701 1 • Fax (805) 495-0647 
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■ 15 minutes from Cal Lutheran University 

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Congratulations, Graduates of 1997! 


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Congratulates, CCU (graduates 

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1180 Newbury Rd. • Newbury Park, CA 91320 • (805)498-7664 




The yearbook staff was hard at work 
throughout the year writing stories 
about events or taking pictures. Many 
long hours go into putting together a 
record of the year, but when it is done it 
is well worth it. 


This number one literary magazine was 
composed of student's art work and 
writing. Many pieces were turned in, 
but only a few were selected by the edi- 
tors. All their hard work paid off at the 
end of each year. The Editor responsible 
for evry thing was Robin Mitchell. 


The Echo is the newspaper of CLU. 
When it comes out every two weeks, 
not only does it cover the major events 
of CLU, but there are also close-ups on 
individuals, a look at the arts, religion, 
sports, and students opinions. The 
Managing Editor is Mike Wehn. 

^ O 


Cuosms <!^7^ 

Closing Credits 




TRmiry mueuer 





Amy Bricicmyer 











The 1996-1997 Kairos staff had many challenges to face this year, but with the help of many individuals 
we were able to publish a great book. I thank my staff, especially Belinda, Jen, and Trinity for giving up 
their sleep to help me work long into the night to meet deadlines. Because of the perseverance and help 
of John Reed, Jim O'Connor, and Josten's, we were inspired to make our last yearbook at Cal Lutheran 
the very best; we strove to make it interesting and exciting, but always keeping in mind the Christian 
foundation of our school. 

I hope that everyone who looks at the '96-'97 yearbook will take something positive away with them and 
I hope that they are inspired to Go Out Into AH The World in their own unique way... 






^ /